What business exam to study for?

bulatsStudying for a business exam can really help to enhance and further your career prospects in many ways. There are a number of business courses and exams that can be taken and the main two are Business English Certificates and Bulats.

Bulats is used globally for recruitment purposes in many industries and businesses and it consists of the assessment of workplace language, training and benchmarking tools. They are used also for administering training as well as helping people to study further on courses that are business related. It enables quick and precise language assessment. It is important for recruitment as it helps to engage those who are suitable as well as making internal appointments a lot easier. It is also aligned with international standards around the world and is being recognised by government agencies and employers.

Business English Certificates, also known as Cambridge English: Business Certificates work by making students more employable as they give people the skills they need to access the top jobs. Students will be able to enhance their English language skills and the certificate is recognised globally by large multinational corporations such as HSBC, Casio and Adidas but also many education institutions and business schools hold them in high regard.

Students who have the Business English Certificate will look a lot more appealing to education institutions and this will mean that they could be accepted for further studies so that they can further their career prospects. When it comes to recruiting, it is often common practice to specify which exam students must have to ensure that they have the English language skills that will enable them to succeed in studies related to business. Globally, those who have the certificate will also be more employable than those who don’t.

Business English Certificates are international exams that consist of high quality tests and were designed so that they reflected the needs of employers who are looking for top class English language skills in the work place. Having the exams will show employers that you are valuable and have a real ability to communicate in English. The exams are accepted by universities, college and business schools located in the UK, China, US and Australia and these institutions will be fully aware that you have the English Skills required to succeed in business courses such as MBA’s, Accountancy and Management Studies.

The job market is becoming more and more competitive but proving that you already have the English language skills that they require will put you ahead of the competition. The exam is accepted globally as a proof and it shows that you are an able speaker, reader, listener and writer in the English language but it also shows that you have excellent grammar and vocabulary.

The exam consists of tasks that are related to the work place as well as activities that can be used practically. The speaking test is carried out on a one to one basis so that it has a more realistic feel to it so that it represents communicating in the workplace.